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Cheshire Grin Publishing is a new and exciting voice in the P.O.D. publishing industry. Our main goal is to provide quality literature to our audience at a fair price. We publish print books only.

We expect great things. You should as well, after all this is your life's work.  We want to see your book succeed as much as you do.

We are not a text dump. Please have your manuscript picture perfect and polished before you submit. Promotion lies with the author. However we share any and all leads that we happen upon.

We are not a vanity or subsidiary publishing house. We do not charge fees. If you submit and we like what we see you should hear back from our staff in approximately 6-8 weeks. We see many  manuscripts a day. Please be patient.

If you have heard nothing in this time period, feel free to check back.

We accept manuscripts whether agented or not. We no longer accept previously published but we do accept the novice. We do not publish libelous, erotica, hateful or racist materials. Any genre is welcome but submission does NOT guarantee publication.  

Submissions are open (Novels and poetry only)