Cheshire Grin Publishing


Guidelines for submission to our publishing house.

Why should I publish my blood, sweat and tears - my life's work - with Cheshire Grin Publishing?

First: we understand your reasons for being guarded, even overly-cautious, with your MSS. We're authors. We've been there. As a matter of fact, our tiny, indie house was founded for writers, by writers who'd been scammed, rejected (with no constructive criticism,) and even out-right cheated by “writing contests” and the like. We've been where you are, and we'd like to help you get where you want to go.

Unlike most houses, that will tell you the publisher's cut is normally 40-50%, which, while true, is ridiculous, Cheshire Grin takes only 20% on print books . We do not publish ebooks at the moment.

There are no fees. No out-of-pocket. As a matter of fact, like any normal house, you pay nothing to submit, and nothing to be published. We may be an indie house, but we aren't vanity or subsidiary publishers. If we like it, we publish it. If we don't, we reject it with some form of explanation.

The cold, hard facts are that books are a hard sell, but we will share our experiences and resources to help you get your voice out there.

While we do not EVER publish anything hateful, libelous or ANY form of erotica, we are pretty much open to just about anything else. We want to put quality literature out there, nothing more.

You have the power over your own accounts, and even your discounts. We usually offer a free book trailer or teaser whenever possible. We even help you develop educational resources when applicable. You retain the rights to your work, and you don't even need an agent. We accept novice submissions, as well. 

In addition to literature, we have an internship program and a podcast (free educational show for home-schoolers.) We don't immediately reject children's literature: we actually specialize in it. 

Yes, we even publish coloring, activity books and SOME poetry. We are not a niche, we are just open-minded. Please query before submitting your book. Contact us via the website contact button. 

Thanks for listening!

Angel Dunworth

Polish your work! Make certain your spelling errors, mistakes in grammar and punctuation are corrected. We can help with a small amount of plot/story line inconsistencies. We will reject it if there are errors everywhere. This house considers it to be a mark of high character if you care enough about your story to polish it to perfection.

This is not a text dump or a vanity/ subsidiary publisher. If you do not take criticism well and have no intention of changing anything...then we might not be the house for you. If your goal is to make your book readable and easier to market then you've come to the right place.

We do not accept libelous, pornographic, or hateful material.

We do not charge fees.

We will accept manuscripts whether agented or not.

We  no longer accept previously published manuscripts.

Please see to it that your manuscript is in .odt format.

Please specify if your submission is for a book contract, contest or illustrator in the top line so that we know where to direct your work.

Author is responsible for obtaining their copyrights before submission please.

Please keep a back up of your work.  


Submissions are closed